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Our Faculty and Staff

From exploring the intersection of architecture and cyber-physical systems to automatic bug fixing, our faculty work across discplines and borders to take on the real, tough technical challenges inherent to modern software.


Jonathan Aldrich

Dr. Jonathan Aldrich

Professor; Director, Software Engineering Ph.D. program

Language Design, Program Verification, Object-oriented foundations, and Enforcement of software design constraints.

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Travis Breaux

Dr. Travis Breaux

Assistant Professor

Requirements engineering, Software design assumptions, Privacy and security, and Policy and legal compliance.

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David Garlan

Dr. David Garlan

Professor of Computer Science

Software architecture, Pervasive computing, Self-healing systems, and Applied formal methods.

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James Herbsleb

Dr. James Herbsleb

Director, Societal Computing PhD program; Professor

Software teams and organizations, Open source ecologies, Collaboration, coordination, congruence, and Global software development.

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Eunsuk Kang

Dr. Eunsuk Kang

Assistant Professor

Software design, assurance, modeling, verification, security, safety, and cyber-physical systems

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Christian Kästner

Dr. Christian Kästner

Assistant Professor

Variability and Reuse, Modularity, Program Analysis, and Program Comprehension.

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Claire Le Goues

Dr. Claire Le Goues

Assistant Professor

Software quality and evolution, defect detection, program analysis, and automatic bug repair.

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Heather Miller

Dr. Heather Miller

Assistant Professor

Language Design, Distributed Programming, Distributed Runtimes, Data & Consistency

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Brad Myers

Dr. Brad Myers


UI, programming environments, language design, end-EUSE, API usability, DevX, interaction techniques, programming by example, handheld computers, and visual programming

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William Scherlis

Dr. William Scherlis

Director, Professor

Software assurance and security, Software analysis, Safe concurrency, and Software development tools.

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Bradley Schmerl

Dr. Bradley Schmerl

Principal Systems Scientist

Software Architecture, Self-Adaptive Systems, Software Engineering Tools

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Mary Shaw

Dr. Mary Shaw

Alan J. Perlis University Professor of Computer Science

Everyday software, Software architecture, Ultra-large-scale systems, and Appropriate dependability.

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Christopher Timperley

Dr. Christopher Timperley

Systems Scientist

Search-Based Software Engineering, Automated Program Repair, Program Analysis, Cyberphysical Systems

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Bogdan Vasilescu

Dr. Bogdan Vasilescu

Assistant Professor

Software analytics, social aspects, teams, collaboration, open source ecologies, and “big code”.

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Connie Herold

Connie Herold

Academic Programs Manager, Societal Computing and SE PhD Programs

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