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Software is becoming ever more important to our daily lives, as well as every sector of industry.  But as software systems increase in capability, they increase in complexity, resulting in delays, defects, and vulnerabilities.

Our Ph.D. program in Software Engineering seeks to educate the next generation of high-impact software engineering research, development, and educational leaders who will solve the problems associated with building large-scale and critical software systems.  Learn about our groundbreaking research, our world-leading faculty, and our alumni who are already making a big difference in the world.  We hope you will apply to our Ph.D. program so you can join us in learning to build software better!


Featured Student

portrait of ashutosh pandey

Planning, Fast and Slow
Software Engineering Ph.D. student, Ashutosh Pandey, is coming at autonomous systems a bit differenly: developing a framework for hybrid planning in self-adaptive systems....[Learn More] 

Featured Research

photo of locks

Two Million Threats
Assurance and security in the Node.JS ecosystem
Interdependence, coupled with unchecked automatic updating of packages, can lead to disaster. Work by Software Engineering’s Christian Kästner explores the scope of this vulnerability and how it can be mitigated...[Learn More]

Featured Alumna

photo of ciera jaspan

Ciera Jaspan
Ciera Jaspan graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2011 with her Ph.D. in software engineering. She spoke with ISR about how she came to study software engineering and the work that she now does as a part of Google’s Developer Infrastructure group...[Learn More]