Carnegie Mellon University

Software Engineering Matters

Software engineering is the branch of computer science that creates practical, cost-effective solutions to computing and information processing problems, preferentially by applying scientific knowledge, developing software systems in the service of mankind.  (Source: Mary Shaw, editor.  Software Engineering for the 21st Century: A basis for rethinking the curriculum)


The mission of the SE Ph.D. program at Carnegie Mellon is to educate the next generation of high-impact software engineering leaders -- research leaders who will discover fundamentally more effective ways to engineer practical software, educational leaders who will make the next generation of software engineers more professional than today’s, and industry leaders who will solve challenging software development problems of the future, transforming our digital society in service of humanity.

History of Software Engineering at CMU

CMU is one of the institutions that pioneered the study of software engineering.  Ideas such as information hiding, abstract data types, and software architecture were first developed here.  More recently, CMU faculty have led the field in areas such as the empirical study of software development organizations, automated program repair, and many others. We encourage you to read about the research going on today!