Carnegie Mellon University

Miguel Velez

Dr. Miguel Velez (CS 2021)

4665 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


The goal of my research is to build autonomous systems that optimize energy consumption and target specific user preferences. My approach is to design a software development methodology that aims to develop flexible highly configurable systems that are easy to analyze and adapt to specific situations. I apply and develop techniques from software engineeringsoftware product linesmachine learning in my work. My advisor is Christian Kästner.


ASE 2017  P. Jamshidi, N. Siegmund, M. Velez, C. Kästner, A. Patel, Y. Agarwal. “Transfer Learning for Performance Modeling of Configurable Systems: An Exploratory Analysis”. In Proc. Int'l Conf. Automated Software Engineering (ASE). Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA: ACM, Oct 2017. (21% acceptance rate).
SEAMS 2017  P. Jamshidi, M. Velez, C. Kästner, N. Siegmund, and P. Kawthekar. “Transfer Learning for Improving Model Predictions in Highly Configurable Software”. In Proc. Int’l Symp. Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems (SEAMS). Buenos Aires, Argentina: IEEE Computer Society, May 2017, pp. 31–41. (23% acceptance rate). [PDF]
FiCloud 2016  M. Velez, J. Sawin, A. Ingerson, and D. Chiu. “Improving Bitmap Execution Performance Using Column-Based Metadata”. In Int’l Conf. Future Internet of Things and Cloud (FiCloud). Vienna, Austria: IEEE Computer Society, Aug. 2016, pp. 371–378. (30% acceptance rate). [PDF]


UST 2016  M. Velez and J. Sawin. Improving the Efficiency of CHA through Parallelization. Inquiry at St. Thomas, May 2016. [PDF] [Poster]
CCSC:MW 2015  M. Velez and J. Sawin. Faster WAH Compression Querying through the Use of Metadata. Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges Midwest Region 2015, October 2015. 1 st place Discovery Track [PDF] [Poster]
MIT 2015  M. Velez and A. Solar-Lezama. Simpler Implementation of Sketches through Enhanced Expressiveness. MIT Summer Research Poster Session 2015, August 2015. [PDF] [Poster]
UST 2015  M. Velez. Current and Future Relationships Between Robots and Humans. Summa Cum Laude Paper, April 2015. [PDF]
UST 2014  M. Velez, P. Gittins, and J. Sawin. Extending SMILES to Encode Reaction Mechanisms. Inquiry at St. Thomas, May 2014. [PDF] [Poster]