Carnegie Mellon University

Gabriel Moreno

Dr. Gabriel Moreno (CS 2017)

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Software-reliant systems are increasingly expected to operate in changing and uncertain environments. Gabriel Moreno's research interest is in self-adaptive systems, which are able to change their structure and behavior to deal with changes in operational context, available resources, and user needs. In particular, his research focuses on how the timeliness of adaptations can improve the effectiveness of self-adaptive systems.

Gabriel Moreno has several years of software development experience in industry and government. The breadth of projects he has participated in includes MIS, web applications and services, electronic transaction middleware, and communication protocols in embedded software. Before joining the SEI, he was at ITC Soluciones in Argentina, where he designed and developed multiplatform distributed systems and communication protocols for electronic transactions. Previously, he was a member of a research group at DGI (IRS equivalent in Argentina).