Carnegie Mellon University

Dean Sutherland

Dr. Dean Sutherland (CS 2008)

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Advisor: William Scherlis

Thesis: CMU-ISR-08-112 The Code of Many Colors: Semi-Automated Reasoning about Multi-Thread Policy for Jave


Dean F. Sutherland, Aaron Greenhouse, and William L. Scherlis, The Code of Many Colors: Relating Threads to Code and Shared State. Program Analysis for Software Tools and Environments (PASTE) '02 at FSE-10, Charleston, SC, November 2002.

P. Dinda, T. Gross, R. Karrer, B. Lowekamp, N. Miller, P. Steenkiste, and D. Sutherland. The Architecture of the Remos System. In Proc. 10th IEEE Symp. on High Performance Distributed Computing, 2001.