Carnegie Mellon University

Sven Stork

Dr. Sven Stork (CS 2013)

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Sven Stork holds a M.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the University of Mannheim and a dual-degree Ph.D. in Software Engineering from the Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Coimbra.

He lived in various countries and is used to work in internationally distributed environments. Besides his exposure to multicultural environments, Sven is fluent in English and German.

Concerning R&D, Sven followed a bottom up approach. He first specialized in computer engineering (ASIC design) and then shifting towards software engineering. Understanding a computer system from a silicon waver up to a high level software architecture concerns provides a unique foundation for understanding, analyzing and solving problems at all levels. 

Sven's unique career and work experience not only provides him strong technical skills but through work in various projects gathered a variety of additions skills. His involvement in various projects thought Sven how to quickly adapt in new environments and how to work together with different colleges on technical, management or organizational aspects.

Sven’s research interests are focuses, but not limited, to programming languages, virtual machines and parallel/concurrent programming.

If Sven is not solving some tough problems you will find him traveling all over the world while trying to perfect his Tango and photography skills.